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Instructions: create a selling product card on marketplaces
4 May 2022 г.

Instructions: create a selling product card on marketplaces

Consumers increasingly buy goods online, and marketplaces are becoming one of the most sought-after sales channels. But to successfully sell your products in online stores, you need to draw up a product card correctly. We understand what it is and how to create it correctly to attract more buyers together with Trust Group.

What is a sales card and why is it needed

In the network, store shelves and price tags replace online storefronts with product photos. This is a mini-landing because the marketplace visitor is told about the product and brought to the order. The client receives all information only from the description. This is where cards help him — unique pages for a particular product. The more attractive, understandable, and informative they are, the higher the chances of improving sales.

For a product card to be sold, it must describe its characteristics in detail. It is also important to add images and videos so that the user has a complete understanding of the product.

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