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The first “Indian” of our agency
7 April 2022 г.

The first “Indian” of our agency

The 18th POPAI RUSSIA AWARDS 2022 was held in Moscow, where our agency presented the Helicopter Brand Zone project from HP. The project was declared in 2 nominations, “Shop-in-shop” and “Installation at points of sale,” in which we received awards. They received gold and the coveted statuette of an Indian in the Shop-in-shop nomination. Bronze in the nomination “Installation at points of sale.”

The main goal that the HP brand faced to promote the OMEN gaming line was the ability to distance itself from competitors and “destroy” patterns in the development of brand zones. It was necessary to create an unusual installation at the point of sale, where a potential buyer could touch, see and choose the company’s products. We were faced with critical questions – how to immerse a gamer from reality into the gaming area on the trading floor, how to make a potential buyer imagine himself as the hero of his favorite computer game and feel all the heat and surge of emotions right there, on the trading floor. We found a solution that would attract the attention of buyers – the main character of the installation was a real helicopter.

Creating such an experience for the buyer broke the myths about boring and trivial brand areas with promoters and leaflets and was deservedly noted by the competition’s jury.

The project team:

Commercial director: Valentin Kuznetsov
Event Manager: Alexander Vasilevsky
Design and production: Yulia Medvedeva

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