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Online service for personnel management

Online service for personnel management
Department: Digital
Client: own development
Date of event: from 2018
Geography: Россия
Online service for personnel management


  • Implement tools that will allow you to manage projects in Russia in real-time, collect statistical data and process them automatically: work schedules, sales dynamics, and all reporting documentation of promotional staff, supervisors, and project coordinators.
  • Provide an opportunity for each employee participating in the project to communicate with colleagues using an internal chat.
Online service for personnel management


  • A comprehensive solution with extended functionality has been developed to automate tasks and simplify personnel management in Russia.
  • Organized the ability to configure the access rights of individual groups of users to data.
  • The main processes of planning, accounting, and reporting data analysis have been automated and optimized.
  • Structured and systematized project documentation.
  • A chat has been implemented with the ability to communicate within certain groups or specific projects.
  • We developed an intuitive interface for personnel with different levels of training, which made it possible to increase the efficiency of processes and reduce the time spent on personnel management by up to 50%.

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