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Car discounts from Santa Claus
18 December 2019 г.

Car discounts from Santa Claus

Discounts on New Year’s Eve are widespread in the automotive market. You can buy a car in Russia with a value from the usual 5% to a fabulous 30%. “Money” figured out how to take advantage of promotions and what a catch lies in the New Year’s offers.

Cold December is traditionally a hot time for representatives of the automotive business: in Russia, sales of new cars in the last month of the year are usually 20–30% higher than the average. Such a surge in consumer activity is explained by New Year’s premiums and buyers’ funds set aside for the end of the year, and gifts and discounts that sellers are ready to offer on New Year’s Eve. Typically, on New Year’s Eve, the buyer can count on a concession of 5-10% of the average price of a new car. But there are also exceptional cases when the discount can reach a fabulous 20-30%. “Somehow, on New Year’s Eve, I chose a car for my wife and received a value of 500 thousand rubles. With its starting cost of 2.2 million rubles. Isn’t that a Christmas present?! – recalls Maxim Vasiliev, director of the sales department of Avilon.Volkswagen.

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Artyom Badalyants
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