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HP Promotional Consultants

HP Promotional Consultants
Department: BTL
Client: HP inc
Date of event: from 2009
Geography: 36 main cities of Russia
HP Promotional Consultants


  • Form a qualified and effective team of promoters.
  • Maintain a high level of brand loyalty.
  • Promptly inform customers about the release of new products and upcoming promotions.
  • Create a unified system of control and collection of reporting data.
  • Increase the level of sales.
HP Promotional Consultants


  • In more than 30 cities of Russia, in key electronics stores, a team of 250 highly qualified promoters successfully operates.
  • In a short time, a team of supervisors was connected. They support the work of employees "in the fields."
  • Training for the team is regularly organized. It allows you to update knowledge on products already on the market and receive data on upcoming new products and provide customers with correct and up-to-date information.
  • A Cloud Solution platform has been developed to control the project, allowing you to quickly receive data from field employees and analyze and transfer them to the client. The PR platform includes a personal account for each employee and tools that allow you to manage the project in real-time, collect statistical data, and process them automatically, including all reporting documentation for promotional staff and supervisors.
  • The close-knit work of the team over the years ensures a high level of brand loyalty. More and more buyers prefer HP brand products after receiving competent and qualified advice from the promoter, increasing sales annually.

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