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Experience HP helicopter zone

Experience HP helicopter zone
Department: Production, BTL, Event
Client: HP
Date of event: 2021
Geography: Moscow, Shopping Center "Mega Belaya Dacha",
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Experience HP helicopter zone


  • Promotion of HP brand computer gaming accessories (keyboards, headset, mice) among gamers.
  • Distance yourself from competitors and "destroy" patterns in the development of brand zones.
  • Support the image of HP as a gaming brand.
  • Attract a new target audience.
Experience HP helicopter zone


  • We have developed a unique HP brand zone for communication with the target audience at points of sale.
  • The main character was a real MI-2 helicopter, the cockpit of which was restored, retaining as much as possible the original appearance of the dashboard, levers, pilot's seat, and a play area was placed in the cargo compartment, where anyone can evaluate HP equipment by playing one of the latest generation computer games.
  • For working at the booth, we assembled a team of promo consultants with a gaming background, for whom a promo uniform based on actual flight suits was developed and produced.
  • All technical work for the implementation of the project, including specialized equipment, preparation of a complete package of documentation, logistics, were carried out by our team.
  • Проект "Experience зона НР Вертолёт" занял 1-e место в конкурсе POPAI RUSSIAN AWARDS 2022 в номинации "Shop-in-shop Бытовая техника и электроника" и 3-е место в номинации "Инсталляция в местах продаж". А также в конкурсе Silver Mercury XX2 проект занял 2-е место в номинации "BEST TRADE MARKETING CAMPAIGN", 3-е место в номинации "BEST EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN" и получил специальную награду "Благодарность от вертолетоконструкторов Миля и Сикорского за инновационное использование вертолетов в трейд-маркетинге".

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