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Covid prevented coughing up questions
28 April 2021 г.

Covid prevented coughing up questions

The lockdown hit investment activity in the country, primarily due to restrictions on the movement of participants in the negotiation processes, and hence communication difficulties. Business tourism, which is considered one of the promising areas for the development of St. Petersburg, has dipped significantly. According to experts, Russia will begin to recover at its best next year on the scale.

The pandemic has hurt all passenger traffic, and business tourism is no exception. The widespread lockdown and various restrictions imposed by countries’ governments have formed an alternative format for communication in the business sphere. According to some estimates, online events will quadruple in 2020. “All possible conferences have been moved to the online environment, and entrepreneurs have also moved there,” says Sergey Pirozhnikov, founder of the Kupibilet company. “According to our data, the total passenger traffic in international and domestic directions has decreased by 30-40% compared to pre-pandemic values.” Anton Agapov, director of development of the YE’S apart-hotel chain, gives similar estimates: “The number of business trips has decreased by 30–35% compared to 2019. In March 2020, business tourism was reduced to almost nothing at the beginning of the pandemic. The momentum for change was outlined in the summer due to the easing of restrictive measures, and by the beginning of 2021, the flow of business trips has recovered to 70% and continues to grow.”

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