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Discussion with e-commerce news experts
30 August 2021 г.

Discussion with e-commerce news experts

Stores on Yandex. The market will be able to launch advertising strategies without prepayment.

Since Yandex. The market is both an aggregate and a marketplace, and in general, it has advanced marketing and data analytics capabilities; it would be strange not to scale its monetization. With its proposal, the company solves the problem that stores, which often do not have marketers and in-depth knowledge to set up high-quality campaigns and strategies without “draining money,” are afraid of this and stop investing in this tool. This innovation should not be regarded solely from a win-win position: the fact is that it operates on the principle of an auction and the cost of a bid can vary greatly depending on how high the competition in a niche is.

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Valeria Musatova
Valeria Musatova

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