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HP online merchandising

HP online merchandising
Department: BTL
Client: HP inc
Date of event: 2018-2022
Geography: Russia
HP online merchandising


  • Monitor the availability and correctness of information in the online cards of brand products presented on the websites of focus retailers according to 3 composite criteria: photo, description, and characteristics.
  • Develop a detailed strategy for making changes/additions for each SKU for each focus retailer.
  • Preparation of a data package of unified / individual information material (following the requirements of the online retailer) for each SKU to correct / supplement product cards.
  • Develop a cross-sell setting strategy; Ups-sell and down-sell for each SKU within the focus retailer.
  • Analyze the display of brand products using categories/filters/search queries on the websites of the focus retailers.
  • Set up a relevant list of categories/filters for each SKU, adding/expanding the list of crucial search queries (following the requirements of the online retailer) to maximize the display of goods within the websites.
  • Develop a strategy to increase the rating of goods and bring them to the TOP of sorting by popularity and discussion within the product category on retailers' websites.
HP online merchandising


  • We analyzed more than 2,000 product cards in 4 product categories within seven focus retailers. A data package has been prepared for supplementing/correcting information on websites: 1,046 images, 700 descriptions, and 1,500 SKUs of characteristics. Changes have been made to the websites. At the moment, the product cards provide complete information, which significantly reduces the percentage of additional questions to the manufacturer. Products compare favorably with direct competitors, and a significant increase in sales in the online segment was noted.
  • Detailed elaboration of the strategy and implementation of setting up the display of additional products for each SKU within the brand increased the conversion of clicks by 10%, of which 4.5% - with a subsequent purchase. A flexible list of related products was developed as part of the strategy depending on region availability.
  • Expanded/customized the list of keywords for searching for each SKU within each online retailer (based on data on the most popular WordStat, SimilarWeb, etc., queries in a given product category). Two thousand product cards were checked and adjusted for compliance with the display in search results by category and using filters on websites—a 45% increase in conversion rate on average.
  • We increased the average rating of products in a particular product category by 3 points by increasing the number of positive reviews and an individual approach to providing expert opinions on questions from potential buyers. At the moment, all brand products in development under the project have a rating of more than 4 points on a 5-point scale—zero questions from consumers without a response from a brand expert.
  • We implemented the project in 3 months. The increase in time was due to the specifics of working with online retailers to coordinate and implement adjustments to websites. The work was carried out in close cooperation with the customer. The customer expressed a desire to prolong several tasks for this project: Display control Monitoring of product cards on current online websites The implementation of this project on an extended list of online partners We considered all requirements and wishes at all development stages.

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