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Online merchandising The Week

Online merchandising The Week
Department: BTL
Client: OOO "Armatexgift"
Date of event: from January 2022
Geography: Russia
Online merchandising The Week


  • Creation of photographs for filling product cards that will display the target audience of the client and emphasize the unique advantages of the products;
  • Registration of names and descriptions that promote the product in the search;
  • Correct filling of characteristics to increase audience coverage;
  • Introducing product cards to popular OZON and Wildberries marketplaces.
Online merchandising The Week


  • 6919 photos were taken on invited models, reflecting the target audience of the client, and 261 were selected for placement in product cards and further marketing activities;
  • Photos were retouched to meet the requirements of marketplaces and brought to the sites;
  • At the moment, visual content stands out for its image quality among competitors, displays the target audience, increasing brand confidence, and indicates the benefits of the product, which increased the conversion of the transition to the product card by 90%;
  • Based on the analysis of competitors, a semantic core was collected, keywords for names and descriptions were selected;
  • Professional writers designed annotations in product cards that include key search queries, and at the same time remain readable and interesting for the buyer;
  • Improved the quality of filling in the characteristics, increased the group of the covered audience;
  • All of these actions resulted in a 134% increase in view-through conversions.

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