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Summer Vertica User Forum

Summer Vertica User Forum
Department: Event, Digital
Client: Vertica
Date of event: 2020
Geography: Russia
Summer Vertica User Forum


  • Select a virtual platform.
  • Develop the concept and visualize the event.
  • Develop the event landing page.
  • Organize mailing lists and invitation campaigns.
  • Develop interactive content during the event.
  • Produce souvenirs.
  • Coordinate the event.
  • Analyze the event.
  • Promote records on-demand.
Summer Vertica User Forum


  • The agency prepared and implemented the event on an online platform designed specifically for the client's request.
  • In preparation, we created individual captions, infographics, and interactive content, including polls, voting, opinion gathering, feedback, and "live" communication elements.
  • Many unique "perks" were involved, making the whole event process attractive, "flexible," and understandable for each participant. In addition to the business part, we organized the coffee breaks and an entertaining game, "Quiz."
  • All users registered on the forum had the opportunity to communicate directly with each other, discuss issues arising in the process, and exchange contacts. All this happened in real-time, and for foreign speakers, an instant simultaneous translation service was involved, making the communication process easy and accessible.
  • After the end of the event, a massive amount of positive feedback was received, proving that the system worked perfectly!

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