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What is online merchandising and how it helps a business build a sales funnel
11 March 2022 г.

What is online merchandising and how it helps a business build a sales funnel

Marketplaces can become an essential element in this chain. Before buying, the consumer goes through several sales funnel stages: from simple interest to pay. For example, a customer is looking for something specific or accidentally stumbles upon a product card. But on the Internet and in an actual store, it is not enough to show the product. The client needs to be convinced, which can be done through merchandising. However, on the Internet, it works a little differently. How exactly – we understand together with “Trust Group.”


In retail, merchandising is the impact on the buyer with the help of a unique display. Popular goods, such as bread, are often located away from the entrance. The customer has to walk through the entire store to find them. And along the way, he might pick up something else. Another example is inexpensive products near the checkout, such as candy or chewing gum. People take them thoughtlessly because they see the low price tag. For the same reason, promotional goods are laid out in this zone. This phenomenon is called impulse demand.

One has to deal not with physical but with virtual storefronts in the online environment. Instead of actual shelves and rows, the buyer sees product cards in a catalog with thousands of items. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right photo, video, and text describing the product to attract his attention. The merchandiser must present information in such a way as to distinguish the product from similar ones and convince people to buy it.

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