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How to correctly design a product card in marketplaces
7 February 2022 г.

How to correctly design a product card in marketplaces

During the lockdown, people began to shop not in offline stores but marketplaces. These platforms have become giants in a few years, and now, if an entrepreneur wants to earn money, he must place his products online. We will tell you how to competently draw up a product card on the Internet with the TRUST GROUP marketing agency.

Work with the visual

One of the most important components of products on marketplaces is photos and videos of the product. Usually, the buyer seeks to examine better, touch, and even smell the item that he will buy. But in online mode, he does not have such an opportunity. Therefore, your task is to create an attractive image.

You can add both photos and videos to the card on some sites. But if there are difficulties, it is better to stop at the pictures. Marketplaces have different requirements for them; it is better to find this in advance in the platform’s rules on which you plan to be placed. The best solution is to upload one photo with a white background, two that show how to use the product, and a few more that show it from different angles. This will help close all the audience’s doubts about the appearance.

If possible, shoot a video about the product, and reveal its functionality. After all, the buyer is more likely to look at the instructions and not read them. At the same time, it is essential not to overload the card with content. Otherwise, the buyer will get tired of flipping through it. Choose a few photos and videos that best demonstrate your product. Marketing agency “TRUST GROUP.”

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